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Apple's 0-Day Vulnerability

On Monday, Apple rolled out a patch for new Apple’s 0-day vulnerability. We ask all our readers to update their iPhone to iOS 14.7.1, iPad to iPadOS 14.7.1, and macOS to Big Sur 11.5.1.

Apple said that it had released 13 security updates with the release of this update. According to the company, this memory corruption vulnerability (CVE-2021-30807) in the IOMobileFrameBuffer component may have been actively exploited in the wild. Apple didn’t disclose more details on the 0-day vulnerability for security reasons. You can visit the Apple security updates page to see the recently released updates.

List of 13 0-day vulnerabilities Fixed in 2021:

  • CVE-2021-1782: Privilage Escalation
  • CVE-2021-1870: Arbitrary Code Execution
  • CVE-2021-1871: Arbitrary Code Execution
  • CVE-2021-1879: Cross-Site Scripting
  • CVE-2021-30657: Bypass Gatekeeper checks
  • CVE-2021-30661: Arbitrary Code Execution
  • CVE-2021-30663: Arbitrary Code Execution
  • CVE-2021-30665: Arbitrary Code Execution
  • CVE-2021-30666: Arbitrary Code Execution
  • CVE-2021-30713: Bypass Privacy Preferences
  • CVE-2021-30761: Arbitrary Code Execution
  • CVE-2021-30762:Arbitrary Code Execution
  • CVE-2021-30807: IOMobileFrameBuffer Memory Corruption

Apple’s Recommendation:

Apple urged to install the security updates as soon as possible on iPhone, iPad, and mac to be secure themselves from the attacks that targetted Apple’s 0-Day vulnerability.

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