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Who are we?

TheSecMaster is a technology blog. This blog will cover topics related to Cyber Security, Risk and Vulnerabilities, Malware, Digital forensics, Dark Web, Cyber Attacks, and Best practices. We also try covering various platforms like Cloud, Virtualization, Containers, and Operating System platforms. We would also like our readers to know about new emerging technologies like IoT, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, and Quantum Computing.


Our vision is to spread awareness about the growing cyber threats across the globe.


Our mission is to share information about emerging threats, new 0-day vulnerabilities, notorious malware, and data breaches in the cloud and on-premises digital world with all communities. We also want to share tips, tricks, and small tutorials which help all sets of people to better manage their digital gadgets.


Our goal is very straight. We want to take people from the vulnerable stage to the secure. Our goal is to reach each individual on the planet and learn how to use the technology, and cover themselves from emerging cyber threats.

Our History

TheSecMaster, a technology blog, was founded in 2020 by Arun KL, an IT security professional. The blog was started with a vision of spreading awareness about the growing cyber threats across the globe and helping all communities to live without the fear of cyber threats.

Arun KL

Founder, Writer, and Author of TheSecMaster

Hi All. I am Arun KL, an IT Security Professional. Founder of "thesecmaster.com Enthusiast, Security Blogger, Technical Writer, Editor, and Author at TheSecMaster. I completed a Bachelor of Engineering from Visvesvaraya Technological University in the year 2009. I passionate about Cyber/Information Security since before my college days. I set my goal to become a successful Security professional when I learned about the Security profession. Following that, I started my professional journey in Sep 2010 as a Security Analyst in a multinational company. I have been in IT Security since 2005.

To tell you about my hobby. I have a particular interest in wildlife, marine life, and archaeology. I watch documentary films and videos on nature, marine life, and archaeology. And, being a technology enthusiast, I love reading tech magazines the most. I enjoy swimming and spending some time in the water. That makes me fresh. And I have a habit of getting up at 4 AM and practicing yoga and Pranayama regularly.

And  finally, About my personal life. I am a married man. I am married to an Indian good-looking software architect. And I am bestowed with a daughter, two younger brothers (Both are passionate IT professionals), and parents (Retired government employees) in my family. If you want to know more about me. Follow me on LinkedIn.

Rajeshwari KA

Chief Editor of TheSecMaster

I am Rajeshwari K A. I am a Technical architect in a multinational company, Java Expert, Automation Consultant, and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Enthusiast. I completed my bachelor's in engineering degree from Vishveswaraya technical university in 2006. Since my college days, I have been a programming expert, passionate about technology and its advances, and have set my direction to grow as an Enterprise Architect. With that goal, I started working as a Java professional for a multinational company in August 2006. Since then, I have worked in various roles ranging from individual contributor to Project leader both at onsite and offshore locations. I always want to keep myself updated with the latest technologies, so I love learning and working on new technologies and products on my own. Currently, I am in the Artificial intelligence and Machine learning field.

On the personal front, I love Travelling, and I am passionate about driving and exploring new places on my own. I also like Cooking new dishes, Dancing, Learning Photography, and being a Mom to my 2-year-old kid. I am a fitness freak. I love practicing yoga, Pranayama, and meditation regularly. It relaxes my mind and brings in more energy to achieve my dreams. I love riding my bicycle and seldom do Aerobics and Zumba. You can follow me on Linkedin.

Why TheSecMaster was born?

TheSecMaster is a technology blog created with a specific vision, mission, and goal. These years, we recognized people have started learning about cyber threats, attacks, malware, cybercrimes, and risk associated with the internet. Most of them are confused about where to get comprehensive information that teaches them how to protect themselves from all such threats. We want to fill that gap of knowledge using this blog. We are trying to fulfill our vision through this blog by sharing information about various tools, tips, and technologies that can keep our readers safe from being a victim of a cyber attack.

What Happened Ever Since

Over a short amount of time, TheSecMaster has become one of the most prominent channels for information security. The platform acts as a robust bridge between a wide range of communities.

We are continuously working to improve the platform so that we can reach the global communities as much as we can to share the technology updates. We are always thanks full to readers, visitors, sponsors, and our team for helping us with your valuable thoughts and feedback to make it even more resourceful.

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