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It is a guide created to share IT security and technology updates, which helps to learn "how to be secure in this digital world."

Arun KL

Founder, Writer, and Author of TheSecMaster

Arun KL is the founder, writer, and author of TheSecMaster. Arun is an IT security professional who has spent over a decade working as a security analyst, engineer, subject matter expert, cybersecurity consultant, and security architect with five multinational companies. He spends his time reading, researching cybersecurity trends, and helping ensure people stay safe on the internet.

Rajeshwari KA

Chief Editor of TheSecMaster

Rajeshwari KA is our Chief editor of TheSecMaster. Raj is a principal developer who has spent more than 15 years working as a software developer, programmer, consultant, subject matter expert, and software architect with several multinational companies. She is a travel freak and always wants to explore new places. She spends most of her time reading, cooking new dishes, Dancing, Learning Photography, and practicing yoga, Pranayama, and meditation.

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TheSecMaster is a technology blog created with a specific vision, mission, and goal. The blog was started to create awareness about the growing cyber threats across the globe and help all communities to live without the fear of cyber threats.