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January 2, 2024

Trends in Programming Industry in 2023

Trends In Programming Industry In 2023

As the development of software becomes more complicated, developers need to understand the latest trends. Some tools tend to become obsolete while some legacy languages keep growing stronger. Amid the evolution, newer programming languages are gaining popularity. There are newer ways to test apps and write codes.

For instance, C and C++ are a favorite for creating languages for many devices. The Java family is still a trending package for web pages and creating other programs. In 2023, there will be more adoption of AI, Web 3.0, and no-code development.  There are a lot of trends to watch out for in the programming sector in 2023.

Cloud-Native Technologies

In 2023, cloud-native technologies are changing app development strategies. It has revolutionized the development, deployment, and scaling of applications. Developers are leaning more towards serverless computing to increase the speed, agility, and efficiency of DevOps teams. Development teams no longer need to worry about server infrastructure when creating or running apps. Already, there is an increased adoption of technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes.

Figure 1-source- saviantconsulting

Agile, AI-based Software Testing

Software testing is no longer a bottleneck in the development process thanks to AI. In 2023, developers will be focused on agile and DevOps-based software testing. Some app testing tools such as Testpad, Watir, and Ranorex are in high demand. They offer AI-powered testing automation that saves time and money. AI will be used to create snapshots that show the state of codes and their related artifacts.

Figure 2-source- knoldus

The Rise of No-Code and Low-Code Programming

No-code and low-code programming have proved to be fast, easy, and agile. With the rise of social interaction applications, no-code platforms are gaining popularity. They are useful in developing dynamic social platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook. Non-programmers can now create apps through graphical UI and configuration.

Figure 3-source- lvivity

It makes it easy to develop, manipulate, and use data to develop apps. No-code platforms leverage a visually integrated development environment. This approach is trending in 2023 because it requires no programming knowledge. Furthermore, it is a low-cost and more secure option.

New Trends in Web Service and Development

Amazon Web Services have been growing in popularity. It allows an organization to migrate its computer networks to remote servers. Canalys reports that AWS is leading with a 32.6% share in the market. It is facing stiff competition from Azure and GCP which are holding 22.4% market share. There are changes in web services and web development in 2023.

Figure 4- source- sgresearch

According to Divil Flash, mobile-optimized web development will take center stage. Statistics by Statista show 59.16% of traffic globally is mobile phone-based. Platforms such as Google Cloud, Jedi Cloud, and IBM are coming up fast. In web development, there is fast adoption of headless technology, AI, and progressive web applications.

They are designing AI-powered websites that provide product recommendations and targeted marketing. There is a greater need for programming trends that allow voice search optimization. The need has been triggered by the increase of voice assistants and smart speakers in product searches. Above all, the new web development trend will focus on minimalism and simplicity.

Migrating to Web 3.0

The adoption of Web 3.0 is expected to promote bottom-up-based programming. It introduces decentralized, transparent programming layered on the blockchain. Its rolling out started in 2022 and 2023 is expected to be its climax. Statistics by Bankless Times show over 73 million gamers are already using Web 3.0-based gaming tools. In 2022, its market capitalization stood at $27.5 billion.

Figure 5-source- banklesstimes

Web 3.0 will revolutionize how AI, ML, and automation are used in programming. It will help developers interpret data to do tasks like deep learning and NLP in programming. Furthermore, it will revolutionize digital transformation. 

Robust Development of Microservices

In the past, developers focused on building one excellent self-contained software. This approach proved hard to scale long ago. Now, developers create a service that features several other loosely coupled services. Each service communicates with the other through APIs. They include services for UI and UX.

Figure 6-source- avinetworks

Based on The Business Research Company report, microservices value was $4.44 billion in 2022. In 2023, it will grow to $5.31 billion. Ecosmob reports that 90% of organizations will adopt microservices by 2025. Already, its adoption has started and is growing fast. Developers are looking more into sustainable technology. Microservices are one of the trends that will help users adopt a sustainable approach to technology.

Best E-Books to Study Programming

E-books are a source of knowledge that is readily available for use. If you find the right ebook, you will be ensured of getting the right skills to harness your passion for programming. There are many e-books available that can help you learn programming. They cover a variety of programming languages and topics.

Python Programming – by Andrew Park

Python Programming consists of 5 incredibly wonderful books. They offer an all-inclusive crash course for novices who desire to master Python. Each book features practical uses of data analytics and analysis. You will learn how to apply machine learning to the latest trends in programming. The book is great for beginners preparing to work on complex data science projects.

Figure 7-source-Amazon

As a student in college learning programming, you may find you don’t have the time to read ebooks for ideas about an essay topic. Finding online help for writing essays can help to save you time. The highly popular brand at Edubirdie is an online writing service with professional writers. You can find an expert writer to write a research paper for you. You supply the instructions and communicate with the writer to make revisions. Payment is only due when you’re satisfied with the quality of the end product.   

Head First Java – by Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates

Figure 8-source-Amazon

Head First Java is a popular choice for beginners. It immerses readers into the basics of Java in an engaging way. The authors incorporated detailed interviews, puzzles, and mysteries to make the learning process interesting. It will equip you with modern approaches to Java programming. You will learn about threading, GUI, lambdas, networking, and generics. So far, the authors have written 3 editions.

Eloquent JavaScript: A Modern Introduction to Programming – by Marijn Haverbeke

Figure 9-source-Amazon

Eloquent JavaScript: A Modern Introduction to Programming has a thoroughly revised 3d edition. The author takes you through a practical approach by giving you various projects to work on. It offers knowledge for writing elegant and effective codes. The book starts with the basic structure of JavaScript. In modern programming, it is important to dive from the basics and go to advanced coding. This book prepares you with every information that you need.

Practical C Programming: Why Does 2+2 = 5986? – by Steve Oualline

Figure 10-source-Amazon

Practical C Programming: Why does 2+2 = 5986? is the book to read if you want to learn the mechanics of programming. It teaches the art of developing easy-to-read, update, and debug software. You will learn every practical aspect of using C language in today’s coding field. The book features the latest UNIX programming tools, integrated development tools for Windows, and statistics-generating tools.

Eloquent Ruby – by Russ Olsen

Figure 11-source-Amazon

Eloquent Ruby provides a great way to write Ruby code and gain fluency. The book takes you through the Ruby basics and immerses you in its complex structures. In today’s competitive programming world, the book prepares you to excel. It covers great project-based features and techniques in programming. You will understand working with symbols, strings, and expressions in Ruby coding.


The programming sector is experiencing new trends at a faster pace. The software development processes are now more complex. Developers need to be savvy with the latest tools and knowledge. As demand for programmers increases, it creates an opportunity for beginners to learn programming. Reading e-books can help you to solidify your understanding. Your choice of e-book depends on the program you want to learn.

We hope this post helps you understand the trends in the programming industry. Visit for more technological content or follow our social media page on Facebook, Instagram,  LinkedInTwitterTelegramTumblr, & Medium and subscribe to receive information like this. 

Arun KL

Arun KL is a cybersecurity professional with 15+ years of experience in IT infrastructure, cloud security, vulnerability management, Penetration Testing, security operations, and incident response. He is adept at designing and implementing robust security solutions to safeguard systems and data. Arun holds multiple industry certifications including CCNA, CCNA Security, RHCE, CEH, and AWS Security.

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