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DarkRadiation Ransomware

Security researchers have observed new ransomware dubbed as “DarkRadiation Ransomware” written in Bash script targets Linux and Docker Instances. For file encryption, ransomware uses OpenSSL‘s AES algorithm to encrypt the files in the directory. The ransomware scripts also use the API of the messaging application Telegram for command and control (C2) communication to send an infection status to the threat actor. Let’s see how the new DarkRadiation ransomware attacks target the Linux and Docker containers in detail.https://thesecmaster.com/procedure-to-install-openssl-on-the-windows-platform/

Targets Of DarkRadiation Ransomware Attacks:

Most components of the DarkRadiation ransomware primarily target Red Hat and CentOS Linux distributions. However, researchers also found few scripts written to target Debian-based Linux distributions.

How Attackers Use DarkRadiation Ransomware Against Linux And Docker Instances?

Attackers use various open-source hacking tools to spread and infect the malware on the victims’ networks. These hacking tools contain various reconnaissance tools, bash scripts that help for lateral movement, known exploits of Red Hat and CentOS, binary injectors (libprocesshider rootkit), and more. Cybersecurity researchers also disclosed that some of the scripts are still in the development phase. The concerning fact is that antivirus engines have barely captured most of the tools used here. Research also says that the ransomware scripts are obfuscated with an open-source tool called “node-bash-obfuscate, ” a Node.js CLI tool and library to obfuscate bash scripts.

DarkRadiation ransomware uses OpenSSL‘s AES algorithm to encrypt the files on the victim machine. It encrypts either the file with specific extensions or all files in the given directory.

Once the target is infected, attackers use Telegram APIs to communicate with the worm and ransomware scripts. In other words, malware scripts use the Telegram APIs to directly access the attacker’s C2 servers. All thought, it’s not clearly known how the ransomware is delivered to the target for the first time.

Indicators Of Compromise (IOCs) Of DarkRadiation Ransomware:

File Hashes:

Script nameSha256
supermicro_cr_third (obfuscated)9f99cf2bdf2e5dbd2ccc3c09ddcc2b4cba11a860b7e74c17a1cdea6910737b11
supermicro_cr_third (deobfuscated)654d19620d48ff1f00a4d91566e705912d515c17d7615d0625f6b4ace80f8e3a

C&C Server:

  • Malware command and control server:
    • 185[.]141[.]25[.]168
  • Hack tools directory:
    • hxxps[://]u2wgg22a111ssy[.]space
    • hxxps[://]www[.]0zr33n33fo[.]space
    • hxxp[://]vk-o2vox-n[.]pp[.]ua
    • hxxps[://]m0troppm[.]site
    • hxxps[://]apooow4[.]space
    • hxxps[://]ga345ss34u[.]space

Recommendation To Protect Against DarkRadiation Ransomware Attacks:

  • Block all the IOCs on firewalls, web proxies, and EDR applications.
  • Isolate the suspected machine for further analysis.
  • Initiate the BCP plan.
  • Restore the data with clean backups.
  • Avoid handling files or URL links in emails, chats, or shared folders from untrusted sources.
  • Provide phishing awareness training to your employees/contractors.
  • Keep Anti-malware solutions at the endpoint and network-level updated at all times.
  • Deploy Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) tools to detect the latest malware and suspicious activities on endpoints.

Thanks for reading the threat post. Please share this post with system admins and the people who use the Linux in their work and make them aware of the DarkRadiation Ransomware attacks.

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