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January 8, 2024

10 Best SOAR Solutions Available in The Market

10 Best Soar Solutions Available In The Market

Cybersecurity threats are increasing daily; businesses are increasingly moving their operations online, and hackers are enhancing their methods to break into the most secure security operations. Considering this, businesses require extremely sophisticated methods of detection and response to guard against cyber-attacks and protect crucial systems.

SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation and Response) security tools are among today’s most effective cybersecurity solutions. Automatization and orchestration are the core of SOAR capabilities, allowing SOC teams to simplify their most demanding tasks to develop more effective strategies and improve efficiency in response to any threat that may be facing their businesses.

This blog helps you understand what is SOAR– Security Orchestration Automation and Response is and the best SOAR solutions available in the market that can help increase your business efficiency. 

Let’s get started!

Disclaimer: The list presented here is not based on any rank criteria. Listed as First could not be the best or listed as Last in the list is not the worst by any means. This is not a product review post. Please don’t go with the order of the tools. We clarify that the order doesn’t carry any rank. We are not here to judge the rank of the tools. We created this post to share the best options available in the market based on our professional work experience.
We do not endorse or guarantee the effectiveness or reliability of the products listed here as these products would keep undergo several updates over time and see several changes in its functionality or features. It is the user’s responsibility to thoroughly research and evaluate these products before using it. We shall not be held liable for any damages or losses resulting from the use of any of the tools listed in this blog post.


What Is SOAR? How Does it Work?

SOAR is a term used to describe Security Orchestration Automation and Response. SOAR is designed to ease the stress on IT teams through automated responses to various incidents. A SOAR system can also be customized to meet the needs of an organization. Through this, teams can determine how SOAR can help them achieve their goals at a high level, like reducing time, reducing the number of IT employees or freeing employees to take on innovative initiatives.

SOAR integrates three capabilities of software: vulnerability and threat management, automation of security processes and response to security incidents. SOAR Security is an entire system for managing threats from top to bottom. Threats are identified, and an action plan is developed. The system is then automated — to the degree that it is made to run more efficiently. A well-functioning SOAR (Security Orchestration Automation and Response) system can serve as a useful instrument to reduce the stress on IT departments.

What are the Benefits of SOAR?

Each functional entity of SOAR– Security Orchestration Automation and Response-works together to help an organization’s security teams to work more efficiently. It eases their burden and helps them carry out their tasks more quickly than ever. 


The SOAR system allows IT and cybersecurity teams to work together in addressing the entire network in a more coordinated approach. SOAR’s tools can blend information from internal sources and external data regarding security threats. Teams can then utilize this data to determine the causes of any security concerns.


The automated features of SOAR distinguish it from other security systems due to the fact that they reduce the requirement for manual processes that can be lengthy and exhausting. Security automation can perform various tasks, such as controlling user access and query logs. Automation can also serve to orchestrate. As an orchestration software, SOAR can automate tasks that normally require several security tools.


Automation and orchestration are the basis for the response function of the SOAR system. With SOAR, an organization can plan, manage and coordinate its response to security threats. The automated feature of SOAR minimizes the risk of human errors. This improves the accuracy of responses and reduces the time required for security problems to be addressed.

What are the Benefits of SOAR?

Below are some benefits of SOAR: 

  1. Quicker response time: Security orchestration combines multiple alerts from different systems into a single alert. In addition, security automation allows the system to react to alerts without the intervention of humans whenever possible. It brings context to textual information and automates the decision-making process for easier handling of alerts.

  2. Increased threat intelligence: The top SOAR platforms include threat intelligence and instantly correlate it to actual incidents in real time. This relieves the pressure from SOC analysts and immediately delivers relevant information to teams that respond to incidents.

  3. Manual operations and standardized processes are reduced: Security automation frees SOC analysts of tedious, repetitive tasks and includes them in the overall handling of every incident. A reliable SOAR platform can integrate those tasks into playbooks that outline the entire process of responding to an incident.

  4. Streamlined operations: Each part of SOAR helps to streamline the flow operation of security. Security orchestration combines data that comes in from multiple sources. Security automation, in turn, is capable of handling incidents and alerts with low priority through the automation of playbooks. Incident response takes the stress of the moment decision-making out of event handling and reduces the time spent by cyberattacks and the overall impact on business.

  5. Reduced cyberattack impact: SOAR components (orchestration and automation) helps reduce both MTTD (Mean time to detect) as well as MTTR (Mean time to respond). 

  6. Integration of tools and technology is simple: A standard SOAR platform can connect with security products that utilize a variety of technologies like Data Enrichment, Cloud Security, Endpoint Security, Email Security, Security and Identity Management, Network Security, Forensics & Malware Analysis, IT and Infrastructure, Threat Intelligence, SIEM, and Log Management, and Vulnerability & Risk Management. 

  7. Lower costs: A typical business can expect substantial savings when integrating a SOAR platform into its business model. It can help them reduce 30% of shift management, 60% of analyst training, 70% of careful handling, 80 percent on the creation of playbooks, and 90% of the time. 

  8. Automated reporting and metrics capabilities: Most SOAR tools come with templates for reporting and the ability to produce customized reports. This allows SOC personnel to pull reports at any time, preferably with just one click or according to a schedule. 

What You Should Look for in a SOAR Solution?

The key features that you should look for in a SOAR- Security Orchestration Automation and Response solution include the following:

Dynamic Case Management System

SOAR tools must combine information from various sources about the events into a single record of the case for analysts to look over the relevant information and rectify the issue from one screen. By interpreting dynamic information from multiple sources and eliminating duplicate data, SOAR solutions can make the work of engineers and analysts easier and more efficient.

API-first Architecture

SOAR solutions with an API-first design provide extensive security that is able to accommodate new tools, users, and systems that are added to your business. A first-class API architecture allows SOAR solutions to expand automatically in line with your business’s needs using standard methods of sharing information. 

Simple Integration Framework

Look for a SOAR solution that provides easy and seamless integration with your company’s tools and products. A SOAR solution should permit the users to read, create and modify their scripts in order to easily and quickly connect their SOAR solutions to any new technology they choose to incorporate. 

The High-Availability and Disaster Recovery

Like any other tool or program, if your SOAR solution’s reliability isn’t assured, it can seriously harm your company through interruptions. Be sure your potential SOAR supplier can provide the highest quality of service.

Customizable Dashboards

Nothing is more stressful than having to sift through redundant or irrelevant data that can clutter your dashboard. The ability to personalize your dashboard is a vital feature of almost every technology today, and SOAR is no exception.

Easily Created and Shareable Content

While built-in features are essential for many companies, they must address new security challenges using reused building blocks and components. SOAR providers that support modularity in their products can help security teams use the community’s expertise, Applets, and use cases. Particularly, search for vendors that offer the drag-and-drop interface for low-code.

Access Control Based on Role

Restricting access to SOAR solutions using granular data will ensure that you don’t experience unauthorized access to sensitive security information. Particularly, you should look for SOAR products that provide access control down to the field level by the user, group or specific role.

Time and Effort to Implement

Every organization has its specifications and capabilities regarding security. As a result, every security system will only sometimes meet all you require using the typical model. It could take some time and effort to implement a SOAR solution. Take into consideration the timeframe for SOAR integration when you are evaluating vendors.

10 Best SOAR Solutions Available in The Market

The 10 best SOAR solutions available in the market that can help you achieve the desired efficiency are as follows: 

ThreatConnect SOAR

Established in 2011, ThreatConnect is a cybersecurity company that is an expert in threat intelligence and analytics and quantifying cyber risks. The SOAR platform integrates seamlessly with various security tools to coordinate investigations, provide information, and offer more effective responses.


  1. Automated tasks with an editor that can be dragged and dropped.

  2. Utilize historical data to help sort out alerts so that you can focus on important tasks.

  3. A vast array of threat-hunting capabilities utilizing workflow templates and automated processes

  4. Analysis of Malware and Phishing attacks and response

  5. A myriad of built-in playbooks 

  6. Blocking and detection of threats using high-fidelity intelligence


Devo (formerly part of LogicHub) is a cybersecurity company founded in the year 2011 and is focused on intelligence-driven threat detection and response solutions. Devo SOAR is one of the best SOAR solutions available in the market that provides end-to-end automation and helps security teams improve collaboration and efficiency. It can efficiently prioritize and triage alerts so that you’re able to filter out the noise and concentrate on the most crucial problems.


  1. All phases of the threat lifecycle could be automated.

  2. Over 300 standard integrations that make it easy and quick integration

  3. Playbooks are pre-built and customized, edited and modified without programming.

  4. Effective triaging and the ability to block out noisy alerts

  5. Simple case management tools that can be adapted to your workflow

Chronicle SOAR

Chronicle SOAR is part of the Google Cloud umbrella, designed to enable companies to collect information and alerts about security through automation, orchestration of threat intelligence, and incident response. It is integrated with Chronicle SIEM to ensure both applications can work efficiently based on the most current information.


  1. Effective case management that can process, classify, prioritize, assign and then investigate alerts

  2. Playbook creation based on zero-code

  3. Effective investigation capabilities that focus on the root of threats and not alerts.

  4. The threat intelligence system is integrated throughout the lifecycle of detection and response.

  5. Collaboration is easy – you can increase efficiency through incidental collaboration and openness.

  6. Raw log scans are a way to scan unprocessed data for new insights.

Palo Alto Networks

With its headquarters in California, Palo Alto Networks is a world leader in enterprise security. Cortex XSOAR comes with Cortex threat protection, intelligence management and response capabilities. All of these elements create Cortex XSOAR, a powerful and sophisticated choice.


  1. More than 750 integrations and 680 plus content packs

  2. The ability to operate entirely automated or with SOC supervision

  3. Corresponds to data points within a designated “war room”, which allows human-based investigation

  4. Incorporate data from all the major SIEM tools

  5. The threat intelligence management (TIM) module provides the context of the alerts.

  6. Integrations can be customized and downloaded via the Cortex XSOAR marketplace.

FortiSOAR from Fortinet

Fortinet is a leading California-based cybersecurity firm with a wide range of firewalls, intrusion prevention and endpoint solutions available. Fortinet FortiSOAR is the company’s SOAR solution. It gathers information from various sources and combines it into manageable, actionable intelligence.


  1. More than 350 integrations and 3,000 automated workflow actions

  2. 160 playbooks with customizable playbooks out of the box

  3. Innovative threat intelligence and management due to its integration into FortiGuard.

  4. Mobile applications that allow analysts to take action on alerts and perform critical actions

Rapid7 InsightConnect

Rapid7 is a cybersecurity company based in Boston. A firm that uses enhanced visibility, analytics and automation to protect digital environments. InsightsConnect is Rapid7’s SOAR platform, which gains from Komand’s platform, acquired in 2017. This resulted in a robust cloud-based SOAR system that simplifies workflows and processes and allows you to concentrate on other urgent issues.


  1. Automate workflows with no code

  2. Over 200 plugins and flexible workflows

  3. ChatOps lets you integrate with other apps, such as Slack or Microsoft Teams.

  4. Automated third-party products using InsightConnect Pro Automation

  5. Automated investigation and response to threats such as phishing and ransomware

  6. Management of vulnerability through human decision-making and cross-functional collaboration

ServiceNow Security Incident Response (SIR)

ServiceNow is an IT, digital workflow and business management leader founded in 2014. Security Incident Response (SIR) is an effective SOAR-based cloud solution that’s a component of the Security Operations (SecOps) Platform.

It permits SOC teams to handle and react to emergencies, facilitate collaboration, and speed up processes. The SecOps platform also includes vulnerability management, incident response, threat intelligence, and tools to ensure configuration compliance.


  1. Automate workflow and coordinate response

  2. An extensive library of playbooks and orchestrations for a variety of scenarios

  3. Additional applications are available through the ServiceNow store.

  4. Artificial Intelligence tools for incident investigation

  5. Virtual war room to facilitate collaboration

  6. Real-time, real-time reporting capabilities

Sumo Logic

Sumo Logic is based in California and provides data analytics for operations, security, and business. Cloud SOAR is a full-featured solution that allows SOC analysts to reduce alert noise, streamline incident triage and responses, and improve collaboration. The solution is available in the form of SaaS, on-premises, or cloud-based, which makes it simple to integrate it wherever you want to work. 


  1. Complete automation of the lifecycle of an incident

  2. Advanced threat triage using ML eliminates false positives or duplicate incidents.

  3. IOC investigation, as well as incident classification and alert enrichment

  4. Built-in playbooks with an effective design that makes use of data from the past to determine the most effective treatment

  5. Custom-designed reports and dashboards that can be customized to monitor IOCs and workflow processes, and performance indicators


Splunk is a leading software company specializing in helping businesses find, monitor and analyze data using its robust data platform. Splunk SOAR is a highly effective solution that facilitates collaboration and participation through security automation and response workflows.


  1. Integration with over 350 different tools

  2. Includes 100 playbooks that are included in the box.

  3. Visual editor to edit code-free

  4. Threat intelligence enhanced through Splunk SURGe security research group.

  5. Highly effective case management tools

  6. Mobile app Linked SOAR lets SOC teams deal with threats or triage alerts, write playbooks, and collaborate anytime and from anywhere.

Swimlane SOAR

Swimlane is a leading Colorado-based SOAR provider that specializes in security-related automation. The platform can collect alerts and data from various sources and automate the response to incidents and operational workflows. It is low-code, making remediation playbooks much easier to develop and visualize. The platform can be used either on-premises or via cloud services and is priced per user. This makes the solution flexible and easy to deploy.


  1. Coordinate workflows and manage workflows using easy-to-configure playbooks.

  2. Powerful case management

  3. Advanced reporting dashboards

  4. Open and customizable platform – This allows SOC teams to develop the tools they require to deal with various challenges and use cases.


With the current state of organizations being much more likely to experience a security event, it has become increasingly important to prioritize cybersecurity in order to protect against long-term damage. However, for many executives, knowing where to start can be a daunting task. 

A good place to start is by conducting a risk assessment to determine which SOAR– Security Orchestration Automation and Response systems, networks, and processes are most critical and need the most protection. Furthermore, executives should develop a cyber security plan that outlines the steps that need to be taken in the event of a security breach. By taking these steps, organizations can help to mitigate the risks associated with a security event.  

We hope this post helped you learn about what is VPN, how a VPN work, why you should use a VPN service, what information your ISP may capture, what is a VPN leak, how to test a VPN leak, and how to fix a VPN leak. Thanks for reading this post. Please share this post and help to secure the digital world. Visit our social media page on FacebookLinkedInTwitterTelegramTumblr,  Medium & Instagram, and subscribe to receive updates like this.  

Arun KL

Arun KL is a cybersecurity professional with 15+ years of experience in IT infrastructure, cloud security, vulnerability management, Penetration Testing, security operations, and incident response. He is adept at designing and implementing robust security solutions to safeguard systems and data. Arun holds multiple industry certifications including CCNA, CCNA Security, RHCE, CEH, and AWS Security.

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